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$ 1,500 Motorola Razr Goes Shocking Buy one, get a free sale

When Motorola returned the Razr I couldn’t imagine that the company would give away the $ 1,500 phone for free a few months later. It happens today. Motorola currently operates a BOGO or buy one, get a free sale for the foldable Motorola Razr. No larger strings seem to be appropriate either. Simply add two to the cart (can mix …

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Tim Cook states that iPhone SE against Android is obvious

Apple’s earnings have increased recently, and of course there have been excavations on Android. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, the new one is iPhone SE has the potential to attract many Android users to iOS, all thanks to its affordable price and first-class performance. This performance, based on the company’s A13 chip in the iPhone 11, is so good …

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LockBit is the new ransomware for rent

Ransomware has emerged As one of the biggest threats to large companies in recent years, researchers have reported a more than four-fold increase in detections in the past year. A recent infection by a relatively new strain called LockBit explains why: After searching a company’s poorly secured network within a few hours, executives had no choice but to pay the …

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Fewer wrecks, grounded planes, and more car news this week

Also in the In the midst of a pandemic, never doubt the world’s ability to surprise. This week we have followed some remarkable trends. According to a new analysis, serious accidents have occurred in California – people don’t really travel to this whole thing with local protection. While delivery robots (and the companies that built them) are doing their best, …

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“Let’s Save Some Lives”: A Doctor’s Trip to the Pandemic

There is no Hoping to put an end to the suffering that has settled in the hospital and in the world around him, Andrew Ibrahim is lacing up his blue waterproof sneakers and walks. By the time the daffodils poked through the loamy soil and covered Ann Arbor with pale yellow flowers – about until Covid-19 killed about 4,000 people …

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The universe is expanding faster than it should. Why?

The discrepancy between How quickly the universe appears to be expanding and how quickly we expect it to expand is one of the most persistent anomalies in cosmology. Cosmologists base their expectation of the rate of expansion – a rate known as the Hubble constant – on measurements of the radiation emitted shortly after the Big Bang. This radiation reveals …

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