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The FBI issues an Apple arrest warrant to obtain the U.S. Senator’s iCloud data

Apple has received an arrest warrant from the FBI for information about the iCloud account of Senator Richard Burr, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is under investigation for controversial stock trades related to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Los Angeles timesFBI agents have served Apple’s warrant “in the past few days” to gain access to “iCloud” data. …

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The science of temperature is stranger than you think

The point I’m talking about in this section is that it is super easy to get things hot – because it is likely to happen anyway. Regardless of what you do, the temperature is likely to rise as your actions tend to transfer energy to other objects. How to make things colder But what about colder things? It turns out …

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Why did Covid-19 hit seniors so hard?

It took six Weeks, several long, frustrating phone calls, and a consultation with Apple Care before Laurie Jacobs got her 89-year-old father up and running on FaceTime. Jacobs, a trained geriatrician and now chair of the medical department at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, was concerned about how her parents coped with the pandemic. They live in a …

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A secret spacecraft carries a solar experiment into orbit

On Saturday the The U.S. Air Force is expected to launch its secret X-37B spacecraft for a long-term mission in near-Earth orbit. The robot orbiter looks like a smaller version of the space shuttle and has spent almost eight years in space in the past 10 years trying to carry out classified experiments for the military. Almost nothing is known …

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‘Hamilton’ is coming to Disney + very soon

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Monitor, WIRED’s summary of the entertainment news. In today’s issue, we have a lot of updates on things that go on the small screen – and a surprise that comes on the big ones. Let’s begin. Hamilton Coming to Disney + earlier than expected Look, the chances of someone going to grill …

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How gamers operated the superfast internet abroad

Dragos Sas, a The software developer, based in the historic Romanian city of Cluj, recalls childhood days when he transported PCs and powerful CRT monitors for game sessions to and from his friends’ homes. Back then, dialing in was the only way to go online. But when cable internet came to Romania, Sas and his friends no longer had to …

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