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App Recap: filter, color menu bar, TimeBloc and important app updates

In this week’s app summary, we highlighted the Filter productivity app, the Hue Menu Bar utility app for Philips Hue, and the TimeBloc productivity app as three apps worth visiting. We have also compiled a list of apps that have received important updates this week. Check out apps Filters – website and app blockers (Mac, free) – Filter is an …

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Google launches Pixel 4a, an iPhone SE competitor worth $ 349

Google today announced the launch of its latest smartphone, the Pixel 4a, which is priced at $ 349 and is expected to compete with cheaper devices such as Apple’s $ 399 iPhone SE. The Pixel 4a has a 5.81-inch full-screen display, a small front-facing pinhole camera on the top left, a square camera boss on the back, and fingerprint biometrics …

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Apple suppliers plan to move production to India

An unspecified Apple supplier is planning to relocate a significant portion of its manufacturing operations to India The times of India. The nameless Apple contract manufacturer is expected to relocate a total of six production lines to allow $ 5 billion worth of devices to be exported from India. The establishment of a new plant for these new Indian production …

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Frog eats beetle. Beetle crawls through the guts to escape

The beautiful Being a frog means you don’t have to chew your food – just Sipand down the hatch. The problem with being a frog is that you don’t have to chew your food, which means you snatched the water beetle Regimbartia attenuatayour food could come out at the other end in an undesirable way: alive and literally kicking. Write …

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Google Pixel 4A Review: Almost perfect and only $ 350

Google’s new Pixel 4A has a bit more to offer than most smartphones I’ve tested this year. Maybe it’s the wonderfully compact size that allows me to put my fingers completely around the phone. Or the matt, tabular polycarbonate back, which is easy to grip and, unlike its glass counterparts, does not attract fingerprints. Perhaps it is the camera that …

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Microsoft confirms plan to acquire TikTok, Trump gives approval

After rumors of a possible deal surfaced last week, Microsoft has publicly confirmed its intention to buy TikTok in the United States and several other areas. The company has reaffirmed its intention to “act quickly to have discussions with TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, within a few weeks”. The two companies have formally announced their intention to consider a preliminary proposal …

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