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T-Mobile, Sprint Merger already offers customers cute new features

The T-Mobile and Sprint merger is less than a month old, but New T-Mobile already has some major network announcements to share. T-Mobile customers can now find 5G in more locations, faster 5G with Sprint's network spectrum in selected cities, and Sprint customers have access to parts of T-Mobile's 5G and LTE networks. T-Mobile Mid-Band 5G is Live Today's greatest …

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This is Verizon's new Motorola Edge + Phone for $ 1,000

Motorola will introduce the Edge + tomorrow, its first flagship in a few years to try to compete directly with the big players like Samsung. The phone will appear to save no cost with premium specs and a $ 1,000 price tag, at least according to a blog post that was published a day earlier and has been released since …

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HBO Max receives these AT&T plans free of charge

Not that this would surprise you, but AT&T customers could add HBO Max as a free service the minute it starts in May. Shortly after the launch date for their new streaming service was announced, AT&T informed us which of their plans for wireless, video and the Internet are being subscribed to free of charge. For wireless customers if you …

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View distant galaxies from your back yard

A few years ago I had the idea to do astrophotography. This is the art of photographing objects in the night sky like distant galaxies, nebulae and things like that. What I quickly found out is that astrophotography is not only ridiculously time consuming, but can also be just as expensive. I already have some other hobbies that consume enough …

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Yes! The "Hey Google" sensitivity setting is introduced

Triggering your Google homepage or phone with the "Hey Google" commands will continue to be under your control shortly. Google is currently introducing a sensitivity setting that allows you to customize the responsiveness of the wizard command. You can find the new option in the "Device Settings" section of the wizard for each device equipped with your wizard. It is …

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Twitter for Mac App Update introduces live timeline streaming

Twitter has released an update to its Twitter for Mac app that allows users to set timelines to automatically stream new tweets without the need for manual updates. After installing the v8.17 update, users can use a new switch in the timeline settings to pin their "latest tweets" to the top of their timeline so that tweets can be transferred …

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