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When the Blockchain skeptic went to the Cave of the Lions

It takes Chuzpe thousands of people to go on stage and explain that most people in the room are totally crappy. For example, Jimmy Song, a venture partner of Blockchain Capital, will be at the Consensus, the largest cryptocurrency conference of the year, at the Hilton Hotel in New York on Monday. That he wore such a black cowboy hat …

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Want an Xbox One X? It's $ 100 Off Right Now

We like the Xbox One X. Sony's PlayStation 4 consoles are more popular, but the One X is the most powerful gaming console you can buy, and the best choice if you're new to an all-in High Definition 4K HDR TV We have given him an 8/10 which also includes our much sought after WIRED Recommends badge because he can …

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Unreal views of the Trippy Colors in Ethiopia's Danakil Desert

Back a few months German photographer Ulrike Crespo climbed a small hill in the Afar Triangle in northern Ethiopia when the colors suddenly changed. The dusty browns and grays of the desert gave way to oranges, yellows and greens, so vivid they looked unnatural. "It was almost like a hallucinogenic journey," she says. The surreal colors come from sulfur, potash, …

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Americans can not have Audi Super-capable self-propelled system

Between Silicon Valley disruptive tech giants and Detroit's suddenly completely on-board automakers, it's easy to imagine America as the center of the self-propelled universe. And so it seems a bit backwards that Audi has decided to release the world's most powerful semi-autonomous driving in Europe. When the 2018 A8 sedan hits dealership lots later this year, Europeans have access to …

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How to record calls on your smartphone

Recording a Telephone Call This call required an external gadget that connected a digital recorder to the base and handset of a desk phone. It's still one of the most reliable ways to capture a conversation, but it's not exactly practical. Nowadays, smartphone apps and cloud services make recording phone calls easy and convenient – whether you want to save …

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This insect flying robot is powered by lasers

In 1989, two MIT artificial intelligence researchers made frightening predictions. "Within a few years," wrote Rodney Brooks and Anita Flynn, "it will be possible to conquer a planet with millions of tiny robots at a low cost." Their article "Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control: An Invasion of the Solar System by Robots' System," argued that small, autonomous "mosquito robots" …

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