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Facebook usage and sales continue to grow as the pandemic continues

The increase in Facebook usage for early accommodation orders in the United States wasn’t just a slip. Daily Facebook users rose 12 percent year over year to 1.79 billion. Monthly usage of the entire app family, which also includes Instagram and WhatsApp, rose by 14 percent to 3.14 billion. And Facebook’s mostly ad-based business also grew: Company’s revenue increased 11 …

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MP Ocasio-Cortez calls for a ban on the recruitment of U.S. military twitch in a passionate speech

An amendment proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) that would prohibit the U.S. military from recruiting Twitch is now a possible amendment to the House Committee on Appropriations law, which is part of the process in the Pentagon’s annual budget is set. “In addition to military service, children should not generally be addressed for many marketing purposes. Children on platforms …

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Amazon bought Ring for its market position, not for technology, as emails suggest

On Wednesday, the House Justice Committee held its last hearing as part of its one-year investigation into anti-competitive behavior in the technology industry. As part of this investigation, the legislator received around 1.3 million documents from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google before his last hearing with the managers of the individual companies. Dozens of these documents were released on Wednesday, …

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According to emails, Apple had clashed over the right to repair

According to recent internal emails, Apple has not always known what public position the right and repair laws and laws should take. The 2019 discussion, which was made available to Congress for its antitrust investigation, underscores the Apple PR team’s struggle to keep public news together amid reports of internal repair developments that appear to open Apple’s repair ecosystem. The …

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Read Steve Jobs emails about why you can’t buy digital books in Amazon apps

The House Judiciary Committee’s anti-trust subcommittee has just released a huge amount of internal documents from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google as part of its extensive research into the technology industry. The documents reveal the internal machinations of companies that are usually very secret – and they even contain some buried emails from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, which we shared …

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