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The Carnival will start cruising again on August 1st

Has carnival announced that it will resume some of its cruises on August 1st. Travel will continue on eight ships, which depart from Miami and Port Canaveral, Florida, and Galveston, Texas Reuters. All other cruises in North America and Australia will be suspended at least until August 31, Carnival said. Customers who have booked cruises that are subject to cancellation …

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Amazon VP ends whistleblower shots in a devastating blog post

Tim Bray, senior engineer and vice president of Amazon Web Services, quit his job because he was “dismayed” that the company had fired whistleblowers trying to raise awareness of Amazon warehouse workers’ plight, he wrote in one Blog post. “Ultimately, staying an Amazon Vice President would have meant signing the actions I despised,” said Bray. “So I resigned. The victims …

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Candidates cannot run campaigns and therefore try to go viral

On Wednesday, the field director for Mel Gagarin’s shirtless congress campaign – lit by candlelight – sat in his bathtub and read a scary story about Instagram Live. “Bedtime bathing stories“Have become regular events for Gagarin’s campaign, even if it is only intended for an audience of around a dozen people, including other members of the campaign. At the end …

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HP’s new Omen gaming desktops light up

HP has launched a new line of Omen desktops, the 25L and 30L, with improved specs and a clean new design that outshines the edgy gamer aesthetic for something more subtle. Compared to the older Omen desktop designs from HP – especially one that we call the Death Cube – the new design is far less fissile and much more …

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Apple announces new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard

Earlier than expected, Apple announced a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with a magic keyboard. It has 10th generation Intel processors and starts at $ 1,299. In a way, it’s a small upgrade for the existing line of 13-inch MacBook professionals. But it’s also the end of an era: Apple no longer sells new laptops with the highly malicious butterfly keyboard …

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The activist investor hedge fund is reportedly funding the eco-lawsuit against Quibi

The Elliott Management Corp. hedge fund funds Eko’s patent lawsuit against streaming service Quibi. The Wall Street Journal Reports. Eko’s lawsuit alleges that Quibi has stolen business secrets and that his “turnstyle” feature violates Eko’s patents. With Turnstyle, Quibi videos can be played differently depending on the orientation (vertical or horizontal) of the viewer’s phone and switched in real time. …

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