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Apple confirms that it has bought the virtual reality event startup NextVR

Apple has confirmed that it actually bought the virtual reality company NextVR, which specializes in recording live events, such as concerts and sports games, which VR says can be experienced in VR Bloomberg. The confirmation of the company follows 9to5Mac announced the takeover for the first time in early April. NextVR’s website was also changed this week and read, “We’re …

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Google will soon block charging battery-charged ads in Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser will block resource-intensive ads from late August, the company announced today (via VentureBeat). If you don’t see these resource-intensive ads, Chrome can drain your phone’s battery or your home network’s capacity. “We recently found that a fraction of a percent of ads use a disproportionate amount of device resources such as battery and network data without the …

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The Tetris effect is available today on the Oculus Quest

Tetris effect, record the trippy musical VR Tetris The product that people like me praised in 2018 is now available on the Oculus Quest headset. The game was originally released for PlayStation 4 and came to the Epic Games Store on PC last year. Tetris effect is one of the most popular VR games on the market and the Oculus …

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T-Mobile will eliminate the Sprint brand this summer

T-Mobile and Sprint are preparing for the next step in the merger of their mobile phone companies. The two brands are reportedly planning to merge their customers and retail stores under a single T-Mobile banner this summer Violent wireless. In other words, the end of the sprint is near. The immediate changes are largely close to the surface: the Sprint …

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Twitch sets up a security advisory board to regulate the rules

Today, Twitch announces the creation of its new security advisory board, a group of streamers, scientists and nonprofit leaders who will advise the company on online security issues. The Council will help Twitch design new policies and update old ones, develop new products for safety and moderation, protect the interests of marginalized people, and identify new, toxic trends emerging from …

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