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What’s on your desk, Sam Byford?

While many of us moved into home offices as companies tried to avoid getting COVID-19 infection, for some people it is the norm to work from home. One of those people is Sam Byford, Asia editor for The edgewho works from a home office in Tokyo, Japan. We spoke to Sam to find out how he set up his own …

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Acer announces several new gaming monitors with a narrow front

Acer has announced a fleet of new gaming monitors in its Predator and Nitro product lines. As with the company’s laptops, the Predator line offers more high-end, feature-rich options, while the Nitro line is value-driven, making it more affordable. Each of the monitors have minimal bezels, so if you want to place two or more of them side by side, …

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Dropbox’s new family plan is now available worldwide

Dropbox’s new family plan, Dropbox Family, is now available worldwide. The Dropbox Family allows up to six people to have their own accounts with all of the features of a Dropbox Plus plan, 2TB of combined storage, and dedicated space for file sharing between accounts (aptly known as the Family Room). To date, the Dropbox family has only been available …

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Amazon Luna is live and is already broadcasting Google Stadia

The first strength of Amazon Luna compared to the existing competition is its incredibly clear selling point: Pay a monthly fee to access streaming-only games on a variety of devices, without knowing whether something is console or device-specific is or not whether it requires an à la carte purchase. The second strength is the price-performance ratio, which in the current …

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