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Airbnb and ClassPass air cartel issues with legislators after app store dispute

The vacation rental company Airbnb and the fitness class service ClassPass have spoken to the company’s legislators about antitrust concerns raised by Apple’s 30 percent App Store commission. The New York Times Reports. Both companies had started offering virtual services because of the COVID-19 pandemic, just so Apple could contact them to request 30 percent of sales through their iOS …

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What happens when you reach your limit online?

As a writer, it has always been my job to be extremely online. Now that everything works from my office to my remote friendships, the Internet is an even bigger part of my life. And I’ve never been so tired of it. It seems like so many of my social media feeds are filled with terrible news. The number of …

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Sony’s new A7S Mark III does not record 8K video

It’s been five long years since Sony’s last mirrorless video camera, the A7S Mark II, came out. The competition hasn’t stopped since then, and Canon’s latest R5 offers some impressive video footage. That’s why Sony today announced the A7S Mark III, a well-known but updated version of its best mirrorless video camera. I’ll tell you right away that the A7S …

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The CES 2021 takes place online

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), long the world’s largest technology fair, will be completely digital in January 2021, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) said on Monday. The CTA cited the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about the spread of the virus as the reason for the cancellation of the personal event The CES usually takes place in Las Vegas and includes …

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Tech’s four largest companies are brought to justice

For decades, the tech industry has bypassed control over mergers, acquisitions, and potential anti-competitive behavior when anti-trust crusaders argued their case from the sidelines. But this week, the largest companies in the industry will be forced to face this evidence directly. On July 29, lawmakers will face the CEOs of the four most powerful players in the technology industry: Amazon, …

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Senator Josh Hawley wants to remove the legal protection of websites with targeted ads

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has introduced the latest of several bills designed to weaken key online legal protection. The Behavioral Advertising Decisions Act is a downgrading of services (or BAD ADS) would remove protection under Section 230 of the Decent Communication Act for large web services that display ads based on “user’s personal characteristics” or a user’s previous online behavior …

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