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This guitar was made entirely from iPhones

Like most instruments, guitars are usually made of wood. This is due to the natural acoustic properties of wood, which make it a better material for musical instruments. However, this does not mean that other materials can not be used, as Art Mayer did with this guitar he developed called iCaster. Why the name? This is because it's a guitar …

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League of Legends will come to mobile devices

With so many of us own smartphones, it would be stupid for developers to ignore the mobile gaming market. Because of this, video games have traditionally evolved, traditionally designed for PCs or consoles, and also available for mobile devices. We also started with developers creating games for phones, PCs, and / or consoles at the same time. Riot's League of …

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AMC theaters announce plans for video streaming

Photo credits – Korea Tourism Official Organization If you turn back the clock a few years ago, you'll be under pressure to find a streaming service next to Netflix or Hulu. Nowadays, however, customers are spoiled for choice, with plenty of options. Amazon has joined the game with Apple, and next month Disney will also launch its own streaming service …

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The Kabuto is a smart piece of luggage that you want to travel with

Our suitcases and our luggage are more than just bags to keep our clothes while we travel. Over the years, companies have been trying to make these travel essentials smarter. For example, some companies like Rimowa have introduced digital luggage tags. We also saw how some companies have developed pieces of luggage that can follow you without you having to …

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Olympus ORBEYE Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

At CEATEC 2019, the Olympus ORBEYE is a powerful medical camera that is powered by Sony Camera Sensors. Many people do not realize that today's best mobile camera Sony Camera Sensor. We look at this extensively because of our camera IQ mobile camera benchmark. The ORBEYE brings 4K and 3D imaging to surgical teams that perform extremely precise and difficult …

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