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Waymo informs the drivers that vehicles are driving without a driver

Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving division, wants to carry more passengers with its driverless Chrysler Pacifica minivans. The company sent an email to its customers in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona to let them know that "Waymo cars are driving without a driver." This is a sign that Waymo's technology is growing confidently enough to increase the frequency with which passengers are …

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Vive Cosmos review: not out of this world

HTC's Vive headset helped create virtual reality as we know it today. The Vive What the first big headset to do with motion controllers, and what it normalized to do is what about physical movement, not just visual immersion. Now, three years after Vive's release, HTC is ready to move on. It's replacing the consumer Vive with a headset called …

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Ubisoft transforms more of his games into animated shows

French video game company Ubisoft continues its push into animated television with several new shows, including a story by Watch Dogs and a franchise written by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon was built. The series Watch Dogs is described as a slimmed-down version of Ubisoft's popular game franchise about hackers. The series is directed to Tweens, according to The Hollywood …

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The small Ivy Rec camera from Canon is available from 16 October

Canon's Ivy Rec portable camera will ship to the United States starting on October 16 for $ 129.99. You may remember this little camera from our post in July when Canon launched the Indiegogo campaign for the device. The main attraction here is that it is a cropped, impact-resistant and waterproof camera, which is a good alternative on paper to …

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Dyson abandons electric car project

James Dyson finishes his electric car project. The British entrepreneur announced the news on Thursday in an e-mail in which all employees received an e-mail. A copy of this email was obtained from The Verge buyer. "The Dyson car team has developed a fantastic car: they were brilliant in their approach while remaining true to our philosophy," Dyson wrote in …

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Waze thinks the Americans could make carpooling again

A year ago, the navigation app Waze made a risky bet on carpooling, a kind of commuter traffic that has waned since its heyday in the 1970s. With the special Waze Carpool app, non-professional drivers can offer rides for people traveling on a similar route for a small fee. How was it? It seems to be pretty good, according to …

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