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Indie game creators learn about the money they actually earn

" Paratopic is a game that is literally about the horror of being poor," Doc Burford, author and designer of the IGF winning title, tells me over the phone. "I tried juggling freelance copywriting during the game and eventually went to the hospital and was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White [syndrome, a heart condition]." Chronic health, gradual social welfare and financial insecurity …

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Unlike Blizzard, Epic Games says it does not want to ban players for political speech

Fortnite developer Epic Games said in a statement that it will not ban players or content creators for political speech. Hearthstone player for shouting a statement associated with Hong Kong protesters. "Epic supports everyone's right to express their views on politics and human rights." The Verge Over the weekend, Blizzard banned Hearthstone player Ng "Flash" Wai Chung from participating in …

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Why Facebook can not stop politicians from lying

If you see an ad on Facebook, should the content of this ad be true? In the past, the answer was yes. The Company's advertising policies prohibit "misinformation," which is defined here as "claims that contain claims that have been invalidated by third-party fact-checking auditors, or, in some circumstances, claims that have been invalidated by organizations with particular expertise." This …

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LG shows their transparent OLEDs in Harrods Windows

The display technology has always been far away when we had tube TVs and monitors. Today's displays not only offer higher resolutions than before, but also better color reproduction. To demonstrate its technology, LG has teamed up with Harrods, where LG will replace the windows at Harrods' Hans Crescent site over the next few weeks with transparent OLEDs. At first …

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Call of Duty is the biggest mobile game launch ever

Call of Duty: Mobile had a massive introductory week of more downloads than any other mobile game in history, according to analyst Sensor Tower. The game has reportedly received more than 100 million downloads since it went online earlier this month. This surpasses the introductory week figures that Sensor Tower recorded for games that will be Call of Duty . …

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