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Why you can not say on Facebook that men are garbage

Yesterday, we published transcripts of open question and answer sessions that Mark Zuckerberg and his staff held in July, along with selected audio excerpts from his responses. I've tried to make the highlights of Zuckerberg as neutral as possible – I found them fairly up-to-date, if not as "explosive" as one sometimes thinks is leaked audio. But as you may …

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New research suggests that achieving "warp drive" is possible

When we watch science-fiction movies like Star Trek and Star Wars, a common theme they seem to share is the ability of spaceships to fly at the speed of light so they can reach targets in seconds. We are sure that many of us would love it, if that eventually comes true, although the renowned physicist Albert Einstein then thought …

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Google and Levi Announce New Project Jacquard Trucker Jackets

As some of you may have heard in recent years, Google has worked with Project Jacquard on literal wearable technologies that have partnered with Levi. The company has since released a jacket with Project Jacquard technology, which was not necessarily cheap. If you wanted to try the technology, but could not bring yourself to spend $ 350, you're in luck …

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Marshall Major III headphones updated with Google Assistant

Marshall, a brand musicians may be familiar with when it comes to guitar and bass amps, has begun to produce more commercially available audio products in recent years. These include well-received Bluetooth speakers and headphones that also perform well. One of the company's headphones, the Marshall Major III, recently underwent an update, with the latest version of the headphones now …

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The Pixel 4 Recorder app can transfer audio recordings

Photo credits – Mishaal Rahman / XDA Developer During the time of the Google Nexus phones, the goal was to offer users a vanilla / standard version of Android. However, with pixel cell phones, Google is starting to give users more reasons to buy their devices, such as offering them exclusive apps and features. According to a recent discovery by …

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