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Amazon Music could use Black Friday as a secret weapon against Spotify

Amazon Music Unlimited could become the best music streaming service in 2020 – better than Apple Music and, yes, better than Spotify. What makes that kind of a controversial opinion is that Apple and Spotify are absolutely dominating in terms of subscriber's count and market that Amazon, despite its position as the world's leading online retailer, just can not seem …

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The US court system was hacked to send phishing emails

A Texas man was sentenced to 145 months in federal jail after hacking the Los Angeles Superior Court computer system (LASC) and using its server to deliver about 2 million Malspam emails. The Man Behind the Hack, 33 One Year Oriyomi Sadiq Aloba "was convicted of a conspiracy involving wire fraud, 15 cases of wire fraud, a case of attempted …

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Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition guarantees four years of Android updates

Samsung is strengthening its enterprise offer by combining a selection of its devices with added security and support. The Korean mobile giant claims that the Galaxy Enterprise Edition offers its business customers more choice, control and protection as they embark on digitization and networked employee strategies. In particular, customers will have access to three-year extended support, including the next business …

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Curtain on VPN Breaks: These are supply chain attacks

About the Author Brendon Macaraeg is Director of Product Marketing at Signal Sciences. Prior to that, he focused on evangelizing and marketing security offerings at CrowdStrike and Symantec. Consider the attack on the supply chain. Many VPN vendors rely on third-party data centers to provide computing resources that pose risks. As a result, VPN vendors ultimately rely on the data …

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Google creates quantum chips millions of times faster than the fastest supercomputer

Google has announced that it has achieved its "quantum supremacy" with its advanced Sycamore chip. In an article published in Nature, Google says it has made a major breakthrough in quantum computing – solving computations that would take unpractical time with current technology. The quantum processor could be completed in minutes Calculations that would take thousands of years to complete …

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Chrome 78 arrives on all platforms with forced dark mode

Google launches Chrome 78 for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS. The latest version of the browser contains a number of new options. Fans of apps with dark modes have great news. Chrome 78 includes a new option called – perhaps unsurprisingly – Forced Dark Mode. As the name implies, this option forces all websites to use darker tones, whether …

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