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Smartphones powered by MediaTek Dimensity 5G make their global debut

MediaTek is mainly known for the phones with chipset power supply and mid-budget segment. Until recently, smartphones with MediaTek SoC were not in the same league as the Snapdragon SoC. With the introduction of the Dimensity series processors, things have changed significantly for MediaTek. Now, not only is MediaTek credited with the democratization of 5G smartphones thanks to its newly …

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Office 365 phishing scams use Google ad domains to evade security

Researchers at the Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) have spotted a new phishing campaign that is trying to steal users’ Office 365 credentials by tricking them into accepting new terms of service and privacy policies. This campaign has been observed in several organizations and uses a number of advanced techniques, including Google Ad Services redirect, to steal employee credentials. Target …

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Twitter enforces its new hate policy by banning David Duke

Since then, Twitter has updated its policies by banning links that promote “hateful content.” It has not been specified what links may have led to Duke’s permanent ban, but it has been pointed out that its policies prohibit the promotion of violence or the threat of attacking people based on their religion, race, ethnicity, and other categories. The right-wing British …

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Google is tightening its pre-election ad misinformation guidelines

Google’s ad policy already prohibits advertisers from misrepresenting themselves. However, the policy change prevents advertisers from working together to spread misinformation and hide their affiliation. For example, this could be a spam marketing company that creates ads that look like newspaper articles, Smith said. The new policy allows Google to take action not only against an individual advertiser, but also …

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