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Best webcams 2020: top tips for working from home

The best webcams are more than just important tools of the trade. They have become indispensable for all types of households. In fact, they are becoming relevant again, allowing people to connect with friends and family, play live stream games, monitor homes, and even participate in online training sessions. While Laptops or All-in-one computer Desktop users already have decent built-in …

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Wi-Fi 6 routers: the best Wi-Fi 6 routers you can buy in 2020

There’s a new standard in town – Wi-Fi 6 – so the best Wi-Fi 6 routers are slowly gaining the upper hand. These routers adorn more and more households with their presence and offer lower latency, a longer range and faster speeds. And while they are a bit higher in price, they also offer great non-Wi-Fi features like multiple Ethernet …

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The cheapest gaming and workstation PCs may now be in the cloud

Today there are numerous streaming services for video games and virtual remote workstations that are offered by large cloud companies such as Amazon and Oracle. The former are limited to games, while the latter cost more than some people might want to spend. But apparently there is a solution: a cloud-based gaming PC with dedicated memory that can be used …

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These countries have the most exposed databases online

Disclosing a database online without a password can be extremely harmful to both companies and their customers. Despite this risk, a new NordPass report identified a total of 9,517 unsecured databases containing more than 10 billion entries filled with data such as emails, passwords, and phone numbers. To conduct its research, the company has teamed up with the new password …

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Best VPS hosting provider of 2020

Common standard web hosting packages are cheap and easy to use, but also slow, inflexible, and lack the performance or functionality that professional and business users often need. If you need more than a simple host, but can’t afford a dedicated server or don’t want to deal with the complexity of these beasts, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting may be …

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Openreach to connect millions more homes with rural fiberglass

Openreach has promised to connect 3.2 million rural properties to fiber broadband after Ofcom announced that it would be able to recoup the investment costs at the prices it calculated for wholesale customers. The BT company had previously agreed to cover four million properties by March 2021 and 15 million properties by the end of the decade. However, it had …

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