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PS5 Exclusive Godfall looks like a hack-and-slash fate

At the Game Awards, we finally saw another game with the PlayStation 5 coming out next year – and the next PS5 launch is Godfall, an exclusive console-based holiday (end of year) 2020 that looks like like a hack-and-slash Destiny. We know almost nothing about the game created by Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing in the studio, except what is …

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We Need More Technique satires like HBO's "Silicon Valley"

As much as I love the show, it was not perfect. In particular, there has never been much to say about racial discrimination and gender-based discrimination in the technical field, a topic that the whole industry is still struggling with. It would be nice to see a similarly clever and vicious comedy focused on people you might not expect in …

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Facebook promises $ 130 million for its content oversight panel

This initial investment is expected to cover the operating costs of the board for approximately six years or two three-year terms. It pays off for office space, staff and travel expenses. Facebook plans to continue funding the Board of Directors after these first six years. To ensure that funds are properly managed, Facebook has set up a supervisory body that …

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Twitter recovers candidate labels for the US 2020 election

As before, Twitter only assigns the labels to candidates who run for the governor, US Senate, or House of Representatives. It is expected that the first labels will appear on Twitter from March 3rd. Others will appear after the registration deadline of each state. The labels appear on a candidate's profile page, as well as any tweets and retweets they …

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