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Dropbox was profitable for the first time since going public

“Our customers are contacting Dropbox for help with this transition to remote work,” CEO Drew Houston said in an interview with Bloomberg. “We have certainly seen record test volumes, we have seen an increase in direct purchases, we have seen an increase in engagement.” While companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber lay off thousands, Dropbox has slowed its hiring rate, …

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Amazon and Microsoft are talking about a DoD contract

Amazon made another complaint on Tuesday, but did so privately with the Department of Defense. It is impossible for outsiders to know what is in the confidential submission, but yesterday, Frank X. Shaw, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of communications, responded on Microsoft’s official blog. “If your recent complaint reflects the arguments Amazon has brought to court, this is likely to …

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Facebook’s redesigned website is finally available to everyone

As with most redesigns, Facebook’s new desktop interface can start to falter, especially if you have a high-resolution display. The most important thing is that Facebook has made navigation much easier. The top bar provides easy access to the homepage, clock, marketplace, groups and game pages of the website. Facebook You’ll also notice that the company’s signature blue tone no …

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Apple stores will reopen in four U.S. states next week

In a shift towards normalcy, some Apple stores in the U.S. will come back on stream next week after an almost two-month hiatus triggered by the Covid 19 pandemic. Apple stores will resume operations in four states, according to CNBC: Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska. These US branches will recently re-open retail locations in other countries: Germany, Australia and …

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