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Trump wants TikTok and WeChat to be removed from US app stores by September 20

The Trump administration will force the removal of TikTok and WeChat from app stores in the US starting this weekend unless a deal separating the popular services from Chinese ownership is finalized. The US Department of Commerce today insisted on stopping “malicious collection of US citizens’ personal information” despite critics accusing the policy of being the result of xenophobia and …

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Trump TikTok ban: will my app no ​​longer work?

The Trump administration’s war on TikTok continues to escalate, and today’s news of a September 20 deadline to get the app – along with WeChat – out of the U.S. app stores understandably has users that the short social video network may have stopped working. It turns out that today’s announcement makes it a little more complicated: read on for …

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The Google widget for iOS 14 enables faster searches

Google added a new iOS 14 widget for iPhone users, and it might be enough to make Android fans look jealous of their Apple brothers. The Google widget uses the new support for the home screen widget from iOS 14 – that was a long time coming – and promises faster access to the services of the search giant than …

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Cadillac confirms the Super Cruise subscription price

A Cadillac Super Cruise subscription costs the driver $ 25 a month after the first bundled hands-free service expires, the automaker has confirmed. Introduced on the Cadillac CT6, Super Cruise does not make the luxury sedan “self-driving,” but it eliminates one of the lingering problems of most adaptive cruise control with lane departure warning systems. Most vehicles that offer such …

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