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2020 Honda Civic Si Coupe Review: At its height

There’s nothing you can do about the wing on the back. We are sorry! Andrew Krok / road show Checking a new version of a car you previously owned means you have high (and biased) expectations. I was all I was thrilled with my 2008 Honda Civic Si and the following models left an increasingly sour taste in my mouth. …

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Coronavirus outbreak: should we be optimistic about developing an effective vaccine against COVID-19?

The first corona viruses known to infect humans were discovered more than half a century ago – Why are there no vaccines against these viruses? Should we be optimistic that an effective vaccine is now being developed? SARS-CoV-2, the recently discovered coronavirus that causes COVID-19, is similar enough to other coronaviruses that scientists make predictions about how our immune system …

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Google Chrome blocks ads that drain your CPU, battery, and network

Google Chrome will block heavy ads from August. Stephen Shankland / CNET To improve battery life, network usage, and website speed, Chrome deletes ads that consume too much computer resources, Google said on Thursday. Google will experiment with the technology in the coming months and plans to integrate it with Chrome in August, Google said in a blog post on …

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Coronavirus outbreak: An inexplicable link between people with vitamin D deficiency who are infected with COVID-19

There may be a link between people suffering from vitamin D deficiency and infection with COVID-19 and the mortality rate. This study was carried out by researchers from Northwestern University and its results have been published in the diary medRxiv. Vadim Backman, the lead author of this study, and Walter Dill Scott, professor of biomedical engineering at the McCormick School …

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