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Coronavirus outbreak: 100 years later, we’re staring at another pandemic with masks on and no vaccine

Despite the progress of a century in science, 2020 looks very similar to 1918. In the years between two deadly pandemics, one of the misnamed Spanish flu, the other COVID-19The world got to know viruses, cured various diseases, made effective vaccines, developed instant communication and created sophisticated public health networks. But here we are again, masked to the utmost. And …

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The following awaits you: Technology News, Firstpost

tech2 News StaffMay 06, 2020 10:39:34 AM On Tuesday, Apple announced that it would be hosting its annual World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) starting June 22. The technology giant also said attendees could stream the event on his website for free Developer app or website. “WWDC20 launches on June 22nd. Prepare for the first global WWDC by downloading the Apple …

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NASA equips Perseverance Rover with advanced lenses to explore Mars Technology News, Firstpost

FP trendMay 06, 2020 9:35:45 AM To thoroughly explore Mars, NASA has equipped its Perseverance rover with the most advanced pair of “eyes”. NASA wants to investigate that geological features of the Jezero crater by the Perseverance Rover. Mastcam-Z, located on the rover’s head, helps the mission make 3D images easier. NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover used Mastcam to create panoramas …

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