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Google open source carton after the death of Daydream VR

Google uses the open sourcing software for its Cardboard VR experience. CNET Google announced Wednesday that it will release the open source software for Cardboard, the company's cost-effective, phone-based VR experience. The move will take place less than a month after Google announced it would discontinue the Daydream VR program. With the move, developers can continue to gain experience with …

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The hottest Christmas toy for 2019

Christmas time is coming and Christmas toys are coming! Popular toys for girls and boys make for an exciting Christmas program this year. What is at the top of the list of Christmas toys for 2019? After extensive research, CNET has determined which products will be at the top of the toy list this season. Surprise toys, interactive animals, superheroes, …

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The best board games for tabletop in 2019

There's a brand new generation of video game consoles that will be available next year, but that's not much for customers in 2019. Board games that are currently enjoying a creative renaissance have gained momentum in recent years and are now just one side of the mainstream. Tabletop board games have come a long way since the classics that have …

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Fortnite players receive free V-Bucks for false ban alerts

Earlier this week, Fortnite players were surprised by the sudden appearance of a warning screen, which threatened to block the player's account for "teaming". The warning was displayed to users while watching players who were still in the match, resulting in worried posts on Reddit and Twitter. Epic uses V-Bucks to balance the fear. According to players who saw the …

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Waldbad: The free cure for stress and anxiety?

Caroline Roberts / CNET What if I told you that taking off your shoes and spending a few minutes in nature could lower your stress and your blood pressure ? You do not need fancy equipment, medications or confusing techniques. Forest bathing is an easy way to relieve stress, find peace and improve overall health. The best part? It actually …

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The curfew for minors hits China

Fortnite will disappear after 22:00. for minors in China. Epic Games The Chinese government has introduced a series of new rules for minors who use their free time to play, the New York Times reported on Wednesday. Under the policy, children under 18 can not play between 22:00 and 22:00. and 8 o'clock in the morning or more than 90 …

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