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The Salesforce simulation cards describe uses, risks and prejudices to make AI models more transparent

Salesforce recently set up an open source foundation (formerly the AI ​​Economist), an AI research simulation designed to research tax policy. To accompany its publication, the company released a so-called simulation map this week, a file that documents the use, risks and causes of bias in published versions of the simulation. Simulation maps are part of an ongoing effort to …

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Sym raises $ 9 million for its TechCrunch security workflow platform

Sym, a new platform that makes it easier for developers to incorporate security and privacy workflows into their process, announced today that a Series A round valued at $ 9 million, led by Amplify Partners, has been conducted. Earlier this year, the company announced its $ 3 million launch round Andy McLoughlin of Uncork the capital and Robin Vasan from …

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You can watch OSIRIS-REx taking a sample of the near-Earth asteroid Bennu – TechCrunch from NASA

NASAs The OSIRIS-REx probe is in the process of setting up an asteroid for a smash-and-grab mission, and you can follow the progress live. The vehicle is due to be picked up this afternoon and we will know within minutes that everything has gone according to plan. OSIRIS-REx, which stands for Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security (Regolith Explorer), was …

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Google calls the DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit “deeply flawed” in the GIF-laden blog response “TechCrunch”

Google I clearly anticipated today’s filing of antitrust complaints from the U.S. Department of Justice – the company posted a full rebuttal of the lawsuit on its Keyword corporate blog. The post, written by SVP of Global Affairs and Google’s Chief Legal Officer Kent Walker, suggests that the DOJ’s case is “deeply flawed” and “would do nothing to help consumers” …

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The DoJ, Google and the suit could mean TechCrunch for startups

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. It’s a big day in tech because the U.S. federal government is following up on Google for anti-competitive reasons. Sure, the timing seems starkly political and the case doesn’t get kudos for its airtightness so far, but that doesn’t mean we can …

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Root is aiming for a $ 6 billion + valuation in the upcoming IPO, a boon for Insurtech startups – TechCrunch

Root this morning Insurance, a new insurer that has attracted ample private capital for its auto insurance business, is targeting a valuation of up to $ 6.34 billion for its upcoming IPO. The former startup follows Insurtech leader Lemonade in a year that saw its initial public offerings well received by investors focused more on growth than profitability. After Lemonade’s …

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