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Facebook is fighting global account blocking related to Brazilian election interference – TechCrunch

Facebook has rated a legal system worldwide as “extreme” to block a number of Brazilian accounts related to the spread of political disinformation targeting the 2018 elections, and claims that this poses a threat to freedom of expression outside the country. At the same time, the technology giant adheres to the blocking regulation – starting on Saturday after a Supreme …

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According to Pompeo, the US could “take action” against TikTok and other Chinese technology companies – TechCrunch

Days after President Donald Trump announced that he could ban TikTok from the United States with an executive regulation, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said the government is nearing a solution and I think you will see the President’s announcement shortly. In an interview with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” presenter Maria Bartiromo, Pompeo also said that the Trump administration …

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Adobe’s plans for a standard for the allocation of online content could have a major impact on misinformation – TechCrunch

Adobe’s work on technical solutions to tackle large-scale online misinformation at an early stage is taking some big steps toward its ambition to become an industry standard. The project was first announced last November, and the team is now releasing a white paper explaining how its system, known as the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), works. Beyond the new white paper, …

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Chinese internet users describe ByteDance CEO as a “traitor” because TikTok is looking for the US buyer TechCrunch

ByteDance does not stray from its ambitions to become a global technology powerhouse, even as a TikTok loses its largest market, India, and faces insurmountable challenges in the United States. But some in China criticize the Beijing-based company as being too accommodating and yielding to US demands. ByteDance said it would “remain committed to our vision of becoming a globalized …

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Virgin Galactic debuts with the design of future Mach 3 high-speed aircraft and signs a contract with Rolls-Royce – TechCrunch

Virgo Galactic is making progress towards its goal of developing commercial high-speed aircraft that operate somewhat closer to Earth than the existing passenger spacecraft. The company unveiled the original design of the commercial airliner it designed, designed for speeds in excess of Mach 3 – faster than the average Mach 2 cruising speed that the original Concorde achieved. This concept …

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Florida teen arrested in Twitter hack – TechCrunch

Three people are arrested after this month’s celebrity Twitter Microsoft may be working to acquire TikTok’s US business, and Facebook is launching licensed music videos. Here is your daily crisis for July 31, 2020. The Big Story: Florida Teen Arrested in Twitter Hack A hack earlier this month compromised high-profile Twitter accounts such as Apple, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and …

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