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IBM is conducting detailed AI research to measure Parkinson’s disease progression

IBM has made advances in developing methods to estimate the severity of Parkinson’s symptoms by analyzing physical activity with increasing motor impairment. In an article published in the magazine Scientific reportsScientists from IBM Research, Pfizer, the Spivack Center for Clinical and Translational Neuroscience, and Tufts created statistical representations of patient movement that could be interpreted using AI either in the …

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The Story of 2 Challenger Bench Models – TechCrunch

Tilman Ehrbeck Contributor Tilman Ehrbeck is a managing partner at Flourish in Washington DC Anuradha Ramachandran Contributor Ameya Updadhyay Contributor Ameya Updadhyay is a venture partner managing African investments at Flourish Ventures. He is based in London. Accelerated by the pandemic and its economic aftermath, the history of banking models has diverged from challengers in retailing around the world. In …

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The researchers show a holographic AR control system for autonomous drones

In theory, controlling a flying drone shouldn’t be that different from controlling a helicopter. However, without a human in the cockpit, it can be difficult to visualize the current position of the drone in relation to environmental obstacles – usually two-dimensional, depending on cameras and joysticks. This week, researchers Chuhao Liu and Shaojie Shen from the Hong Kong University of …

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Researchers say “The Whiteness of AI” in pop culture kills people with color

Representing artificial intelligence in popular culture as predominantly white can have a number of consequences, including the obliteration of people who are not white. This is evident from research published today by researchers at Cambridge University. The authors say that normalizing the prevailing representations of AI as white can affect people who want to step into the artificial intelligence realm, …

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Casa is about self-custody services for securing Bitcoin – TechCrunch

Casa, a Colorado-based provider of Bitcoin security services, is introducing a managed service that allows customers to buy and hold their own Bitcoin instead of using an external custodian like Coinbase. “With self-administration with Casa It’s impossible to get hacked and almost impossible for your Bitcoin to be stolen, ”CEO Nick Neuman wrote in an email. “Leave Bitcoin on a …

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Eight trends are accelerating the age of the commercial quantum computer – TechCrunch

Ethan Batraski Contributor Ethan Batraski is a partner at Venrock, where he invests across industries, with a particular focus on hard engineering issues such as developer infrastructure, advanced computing and space. Other contributions from this contributor 4 trends for corporate developers that will shape 2021 Any major technology The breakthrough of our era has gone through a similar cycle to …

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