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Forward Health, the healthcare messaging app, generates $ 3.9 million under the leadership of Stride.VC – TechCrunch

Forward Health, the UK startup that has developed an app that helps healthcare professionals communicate in a secure and compliant manner, has received $ 3.9 million in seed capital. At the top is the new VC fund Stride.VC by Fred Destin, former partner of Accel, and Harry Stebbings, producer of "The Twenty Minute VC" and most recently Entrepreneur-in-Residence of the …

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DevOps platform JFrog rallies $ 165 million north with a $ 1 billion rating

DevOps Platform JFrog raised $ 165 million in a D-round led by Insight Venture Partners, including Battery Ventures, Spark Capital, Sapphire Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Dell Technologies Capital, Vintage Investment Partners, and Geodesic Capital The company did not post an accurate assessment after the increase, but JFrog CEO Shlomi Ben Haim confirmed to VentureBeat that it is now "far to …

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This is where XYZ, a geodata management and mapping platform, is launched

Here, Technologies, the company behind a popular location and navigation platform, has announced a new cloud-based data management toolset that makes it easy for developers and cartographers to create maps. Launched earlier in Open Beta, XYZ allows anyone to upload their geospatial data such as points, lines, polygons, and related metadata and create apps with real-time maps. Another way to …

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Estars launches an interactive eSports platform for fans

Estars unveils an interactive platform for e-sports events around the world. The Dublin-based company calls itself a fan-first destination for all esports, combining the best elements of competitive games with a social platform, an innovative and enhanced viewing experience designed to encourage active engagement with the world's largest esports contests , The first product, Estars Outlast, is a free game …

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BlackBerry announces security tools to thwart hacks by quantum computers

While the emerging era of the quantum computer promises a tremendous increase in processing power, it has also created fears that it will render today's digital security useless. As scientists and companies try to turn quantum computers into reality, Blackberry is preparing a new set of defense mechanisms. Today, BlackBerry announced what it calls "quantum-resistant" code-signing for its range of …

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Amazon Launches Skill Connections for Alexa Apps

Amazon's Alexa Assistant can do many things, like playing your favorite song, when you go into a room and post questions that it can not answer right away. Skills – third-party voice apps – extend functionality but are relatively isolated experiences. For example, the Uber skill can not speak with the Domino skill. That changes today. Amazon announced Skill Connections …

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