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Do option grants promote gender and racial inequality? – TechCrunch

Stephen Ratner Contributor Stephen Ratner is a startup lawyer who has advised emerging companies and venture capital funds. Prior to studying law, he served as Assistant Secretary of State for Attorney General Eric Holder at the U.S. Department of Justice. You’ve probably seen them on billboards on highways and in your Instagram feeds: startups that promise to correct racial and …

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What are no-code and low-code startups facing? – TechCrunch

Brad Freitag, CEO of Claris: “It boils down to the lack of IT specialists.” Since the exchange Recently checked into the world of start-up financing with and without code, several other interesting rounds have appeared in the niche. This week, TechCrunch reported on a startup called Hevo, which raised $ 8 million, and Paragon, which raised a $ 2.5 million …

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Candis raises nearly $ 14 million to automate AI accounting processes

Candis, a startup that develops a platform for automated accounting and payment processes, closed a round of financing this week of EUR 12 million (USD 13.97 million). A company spokesman said the money will be used to further develop the Candis machine learning machine and to fuel growth and expansion in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands. Most of the formalities …

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China’s electric SUV maker Li Auto brings $ 1.1 billion to TechCrunch

The trade tensions between China and the United States have not prevented Chinese companies from listing on the American stock exchanges. Li Auto, a five-year-old Chinese electric vehicle startup, raised $ 1.1 billion on Thursday when it debuted on Nasdaq. The Beijing-based company is targeting a growing Chinese middle class who want to drive cleaner, smarter, and bigger vehicles. The …

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NASA successfully launches its Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover with an Atlas V rocket – TechCrunch

NASA has launched one of its most important scientific missions to date, Mars 2020 mission carrying his Perseverance robot rover. This rover, a successor to the curiosity robot researcher, is equipped with sensors that have been specially developed to fund evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars. Mars 2020 started at 7:50 a.m. EDT (4:50 p.m. PDT) from Cape Canaveral …

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