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Mozilla is fully incubated with the startup lab “Fix The Internet” and early stage investments – TechCrunch

After testing the water this spring with his incubator-like MVP Lab, Mozilla With a formal program that dangles $ 75,000 in investment from early stage companies, the effort is doubled. The focus on “a better society” and the company’s open source clout should help differentiate it from the other options. Inspired by the success of a college hackathon with four …

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Offer the Extra Crunch Membership – TechCrunch

As of today, TechCrunch readers can send an annual Extra Crunch membership as a gift to a friend, family member, or colleague. For a limited time, we are offering the gift at a discounted price of $ 99 / year (plus tax). The gift function can be found Here. The Extra Crunch membership is aimed at start-up teams, entrepreneurs, investors …

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How to protect your equity if you were on leave or fired – TechCrunch

Wouter Witvoet Contributor Wouter Witvoet is the founder and CEO of Secfi, a platform for stock planning before asset management for startup employees. If you’ve been lucky enough to keep your job or business, you’re almost certain to know someone who wasn’t so lucky. Thousands have lost their jobs as companies significantly reduce their workforces to cope with the uncertainties …

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Venafi acquires Jetpack, the startup behind the certificate manager Kubernetes Certificate Controller – TechCrunch

It seems that we are in the middle of a little shopping frenzy for Kubernetes Startups, especially those that can contribute to the security of Kubernetes. In the latest development, Venafi, a provider of certificate and key management for machine-to-machine connections, has acquired Jetstack, a British startup that helps companies migrate and work in Kubernetes and cloud-based ecosystems, which is …

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This material can heal itself when cutting – TechCrunch

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Tokyo are introducing a new composite material with self-healing properties based on lizard tails and starfish arms. MWCNTs-PBS – a composite of polyborosiloxane (PBS) and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) – is, so to speak, the heart of the “self-healing user interface”. When the piece is cut in two and put back together, …

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Why we are currently doubling cloud investments – TechCrunch

Mary D’Onofrio Contributor Mary D’Onofrio is a software investor at Bessemer Venture Partners who has partnered to start the company’s growth practice. She is also the architect of ^ EMCLOUD and wrote the 10 laws of the cloud and the state of cloud 2020. Hansae Catlett Contributor Hansae Catlett is an investor at Bessemer Venture Partners, where he mainly focuses …

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