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Federal Judge Approves Consent Orders Preventing Movie Studios From Owning Theaters – TechCrunch

A federal judge has approved efforts by the Justice Department to end Paramount’s consent ordinances – 70-year-old court orders that prevented film studios from engaging in a variety of anti-competitive behaviors, including movie ownership. U.S. District Court judge Analisa Torres pointed to the rise of streaming services like Netflix as one of the reasons for their decision: Non-decree film distributors …

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ProBeat: Microsoft wants TikTok for the same reason the US fears China

It’s been a month since Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump administration was considering banning TikTok. A lot has happened since then, but the situation really accelerated last weekend. Within hours, we learned that President Trump was about to sign an order directing China’s ByteDance to sell its TikTok property and that Microsoft and ByteDance had offered the …

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How to Pick the Right Series A Investors – TechCrunch

When it’s time to raise funds, here’s how to get started Founder of start-up companies Anyone embarking on a Series A fundraising round should keep this in mind: Your relationship with the members of their board of directors can last longer than the average American marriage. In other words, WHO Investing in a startup is just as important – or …

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IoT and data science will boost food technology in the post-pandemic era – TechCrunch

Sunny Dhillon Contributor Sunny Dhillon is an early-stage investor at Signia Ventures in San Francisco, where he invests in retail technology, e-commerce infrastructure and logistics alongside startups in consumer and business software. Other contributions from this contributor An optimistic view of deepfakes Digital influencers and the dollars that follow Also called e-grocery Usage has skyrocketed in our coronavirus-catalyzed world. While …

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Clean.io raises $ 5 million to continue its fight against malicious adtech – TechCrunch

Clean.io, a startup helping digital publishers protect themselves from malicious ads, recently announced that it had raised $ 5 million in Series A funding. The Baltimore-based company isn’t the only organization promising to combat advertising (e.g., ads that force visitors to redirect to another website). But as co-founder Seth Demsey told me last year, Clean.io offers “fine-grained control over who …

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