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Researchers use machine learning to predict large forest fires

A multidisciplinary group of researchers from the University of California, Irvine, created a machine learning model to predict the potential of large forest fires from the time of ignition. The decision classifier model uses a single data set to predict whether a fire will be large in about 50% of cases and outperforms more complex models that have been tested …

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Andrew Mason's Descript receives $ 15 million and Lyrebird so users can enter text to create audio in their own voices – TechCrunch

The boom in popularity for podcasts has given a new voice to the world of spoken content, which was largely considered dead with the demise of broadcasting. A startup called "Descript," which creates tools that make podcasts or other content that involves working with audio a little easier with audio transcription and editing tools, has three announcements: finance, acquisition, and …

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Google Assistant adds 9 new AI-generated voices

Google Assistant can talk and sing like John Legend in the United States, and it's conversational in over 30 languages ​​in 80 countries (up from 8 languages ​​and 14 countries in 2017). But in the years since its international launch, Google's AI interlocutor has not been able to switch between more than one voice outside of the U.S.. Fortunately, that's …

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Normative completes $ 2.1 million in seed capital to help companies automate carbon reporting – TechCrunch

Normative, a startup that enables companies to automate their carbon footprint reporting and reduce their environmental footprint, has $ 2.1 million seed funding from co-founders Eric Wahlforss, Luminar Ventures and Wave Ventures. The modest capital injection will be used by Normative to accelerate growth and expand into key markets in the EU and the US Normative is a SaaS that …

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Pocket Casts is outspoken, but resists paid podcasts

Podcasting has become a fixture in digital media. The latest annual Infinite Dial report from Edison Research and Triton Digital showed that 51% (144 million) of the US population had ever heard a podcast, compared to 44% the previous year. In particular, 32% of the US population over the age of 12 heard a podcast last month, compared to 26% …

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This young litigation finance startup just secured $ 100 million to think about cases it thinks are winners – TechCrunch

If you have not heard about litigation finance, that may change soon. The practice dates back decades, though it has been picking up momentum since 2006, when Credit Suisse Securities founded a litigation risk strategy. What is litigation finance? In a nutshell, the idea is to fund plaintiffs and law firms in cases where it looks like there will be …

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