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If man disappeared, which species would dominate the earth?

What could happen to life in a post-apocalyptic future when people leave the scene? After all, it is very likely that people will disappear long before the sun expands into a red giant and eradicates all living beings from the earth. Provided we do not extinguish all other life while we disappear (an unlikely achievement, despite our unique propensity to …

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Algorithms for Machine Learning and the Art of Hyper Parameter Selection

Machine learning algorithms are used everywhere from smartphones to spacecraft. They tell you the weather forecast for tomorrow, translate from one language to another, and suggest which TV series you like next on Netflix. These algorithms automatically adjust (learn) their internal parameters based on data. However, there is a subset of parameters that have not been learned and must be …

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5 Great Deals on Singles & # 39; Day, just for you

Welcome to CHEAP, our series of things that are good, but above all, cheap. CHEAP! If you did not know, today is the day of the singles. While this is not really important in Europe and the US, it's big business in China. And because China is big business, many companies are doing their best to spread it around the …

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New York Condominium sells for $ 15 million in Bitcoin

Welcome to another Monday morning, Hard Forks Weekend Cryptocurrency Summary and Blockchain Headlines. Take a look at what happened. . 1 According to Coinbase, Blockchain-inspired Dapp's EOS platform is reportedly overloaded. In a blog article released over the weekend, Coinbase stated that the performance of EOS transactions had decreased. However, the experience of Coinbase relies on the fact that not …

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