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Google Stadia works with this custom browser on iOS

Google Stadia offers one of the best game streaming experiences available today, but like GeForce Now and Xbox Game Pass, Apple is making it extraordinarily difficult to get Stadia on the App Store. Fortunately, there might be a way through the web. A custom browser app allows you to get Stadia up and running on iOS in minutes. Update 10/21: …

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JioPages: Reliance Jio Launches India-Made Browser JioPages: Features and Download – Latest News

Reliance Jio launched a browser made in India called JioPages. The company claims that JioPages is focused on privacy and gives users full control over their information. “While privacy is the focus of the browser, JioPages offers superior performance compared to its competitors. It is based on the powerful Chromium Blink engine and offers an improved browsing experience through faster …

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Chrome Zero-Day in the Wild – Patch Now! – Sheer security

Are you browsing with Google Chrome or a related product like Chromium? If so, please check that your auto-updater is working and that you have the latest version. A trip to the Via Chrome or About chrome The dialog should contain the version ID 86.0.4240.111. This is the version that was released yesterday as the “stable” version of Chrome and …

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How Google has developed from a “cozy” startup to an antitrust target

In Google’s infancy, co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin berated Microsoft as a technology bully who ruthlessly exploited its dominance in the personal computer software market to stifle competition that could produce better products. Their contempt for Microsoft spurred Google to adopt “Don’t Be Evil” as its corporate motto, which remained its moral compass during the transition from a free-running …

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