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Interest groups accuse TikTok of endangering children

TikTok is back in hot water, this time because, despite its promise, it hasn’t protected its teenage users – and if history repeats itself, it may have to pay another seven-digit fine if this complaint bears fruit. The complaint was submitted by the Campaign for Ad-Free Childhood and the Center for Digital Democracy along with a dozen other groups. The …

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Microsoft will describe in detail how UWP and Win32 apps are to be standardized in Build 2020

The Universal Windows Platform, or UWP for short, should be the future of Windows. When Microsoft was still trying to make Windows an important mobile operating system, UWP apps should work on desktops, tablets, and phones alike. Over the years, however, the developers largely stuck to the tried-and-tested Win32 platform. Now Microsoft seems to be getting rid of UWP altogether. …

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Sprint will disappear this summer when T-Mobile takes over

T-Mobile and Sprint have officially become one last month, and the two networks have already started merging their networks. We have known for some time that the Sprint brand will also expire in favor of T-Mobile, but now we know when. During an investor discussion, Mike Seivert, CEO of T-Mobile, said the company will transition to a single brand this …

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MIT CSAIL’s new AI system can judge you for eating microwave dishes

A new AI system that quietly monitors you from home can work if you eat microwave dishes or blow dry your hair constantly. The system called Sapple collects data from two separate sensors: a wall-mounted device that tracks the movements of the residents and an intelligent electricity meter that monitors the total energy consumption in the household. This data is …

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill review – adrenaline-packed adventures in nature Games

N.ewly released on Nintendo Switch, Lonely Mountains: Downhill has drawn attention to other consoles and PCs since last October. But now, inside an urban apartment, I really needed this game about lonely mountain bike adventures in nature. It is a fascinating mixture of cheerful exploration and reflex-intensive speed hunting and fascinating from the first moment – every exciting descent begins …

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