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How do you weigh a whale without disturbing it? drones

Whales are the largest animals on the planet and important predators in the marine ecosystem. As a marine biologist, I was fortunate enough to see her up close. It is an amazing experience to watch a 14-meter-long and nearly 40-tonne whale mother gently push her "tiny" five-meter baby, which weighs almost a ton at birth, to the surface to breathe. …

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Learn how Excel can make the survivor out of your startup for $ 39

TLDR: This 14-course collection contains tools that help you create a thriving startup for over 90% off using Excel. When you create a list of the most groundbreaking business innovations of the 20th century, you might miss something like the simple table. However, considering how much influence spreadsheets and especially Microsoft Excel had on 21st century digital accounting and data …

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Where should you focus your link building efforts

Media coverage at the highest level for your brand can be a thrill. You dramatically increase awareness of your brand, and the links themselves can significantly improve your organic rankings. When a very popular, authoritative website covers your content, it is often syndicated by other websites. Earn more links organically over time, with no extra effort. But as a creator …

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IRS's latest cryptocurrency tax policies show they are still not understood

Yesterday, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued updated guidance on calculating tax on cryptocurrency stocks. It's the organization's first update after five years, asking more questions than answers. In short, the IRS has reiterated its position that cryptocurrency should be taxed according to the same rules as any other asset or capital gain. In this regard, there is nothing …

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SEC rejects another Bitcoin ETF proposal

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes every damn day about Bitcoin BTC. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what happened to Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Nietzsche always said, time is money! Bitcoin Price We closed October 9, 2019 with a price of $ 8,595. That's a respectable 4.44 percent increase …

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$ 5 million of alleged cryptocurrency fraud made this guy one of AWS's biggest customers

According to an FBI investigation, a Singaporean man faces over 30 years of imprisonment for camouflaging himself as a California game developer to illegally obtain cloud computing services for the cryptocurrency on his long-time fraud allegedly Steal identities and credit cards to purchase services from major US suppliers Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Services. According to a statement …

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