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Prosecutors claim to have caught teen mastermind behind Twitter hack

Three of the alleged perpetrators behind the July 16 Twitter hack have now been identified and charged, prosecutors say. Of the three identified by a federal investigative agency and an investigation by the Department of Justice, one – the alleged pioneer of the attack – was arrested. In case you need a quick refresher, someone took control of several well-known …

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Battletoads is coming back to PC and Xbox One this summer

Battletoads, most of the nineties of franchise companies, returned to the gaming scene in August after sleeping for a quarter of a century. Microsoft and developer Dlala Studios in particular are finally releasing Battletoads 2020. If you are a teenager and don’t know what you want, I recommend you watch the trailer: The new Battletoads The game was unveiled rather …

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Twitter hack: US and UK youths arrested for violating celebrity accounts | Twitter

Authorities have indicted three men this month for a serious Twitter violation that has hacked the accounts of prominent politicians, celebrities, and technology goggles to defraud people around the world of more than $ 100,000 in Bitcoin. Suspects include a 19-year-old Briton from Bognor Regis, a 22-year-old man from Orlando, Florida, and a teenager from Tampa, Florida. The 17-year-old boy …

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The algorithm shows which new emoji Twitter users want most

Emoji have become an ubiquitous form of communication. And like any form of language, they can have social effects. The addition of a hijab emoji has given Muslim women some inclusiveness, while the mosquito emoji is used by medical professionals to explain diseases such as malaria and zika. The gatekeeper of the emoji world is the Unicode consortium, a non-profit …

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The following is the perfect “cursed picture”

This week, Upvote Everything Day was on Imgur (the hesitant black hole that I spend way too much time for). Instead of the usual feel-good fluff and pandering cute animal photos, the front page was overflowing with GIFs by women who gave birth to candy abominations and video clips of German pop folk music fans dressed in lederhosen. Just as …

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