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Florida’s Stonehenge is suing Epic Games over Coral Castle

The company that owns Florida’s Stonehenge – aka Coral Castle – is suing Fourteen days Developer Epic Games for using the name in its new season. Located in Florida, Coral Castle is a stone sculpture garden that was laid out from 1923 to 1951 by a man named Ed Leedskalnin. It now operates as a museum on the South Dixie …

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Snatcher is a robotic tongue that can be used for drones or mobility

Watch each child play with a tape measure and you will understand where researchers from the Seoul National University of Science and Technology found inspiration for their new one chameleon-like robot that can entangle objects with its artificial tongue over 30 inches away less than 600 milliseconds. Snatcher, as the robot called it, wasn’t just inspired by tape measures. If …

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EA Play is the new name for EA’s cross-platform subscription service

Since EA Access started on Xbox One, the subscription service has taken on new names depending on the platform you’re playing on. With the service now focused on Steam, EA consolidates everything under one new brand: EA Play. EA and Origin Access are now simply EA Play, whether you’re subscribed on Xbox One, PS4, Steam, or directly through Origin. Similarly, …

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The Fortnite battle isn’t just epic pushing more money from Apple

Rolling your eyes is easy at Epic Games’ “Nineteen Eighty Fortnite” ad, which parodies an Apple commercial from 1984 about the company’s battle against a monopoly. Can a $ 17.3 billion worth gaming company really act like an outsider holding it to the man? On the other hand, the alternative – rooting for Apple – doesn’t seem much better. Apple …

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Confirmed x86 hybrid with Golden Cove and Gracemont for 2021

Tracking leaks is often a game of cat and mouse – what is actually legitimate and what is not. Traditionally, AnandTech eschews leaks for this very reason, and we prefer to have multiple sources saying the same thing rather than addressing every potential rumor in the blogosphere. Still, hints of a new Intel product, Alder Lake, have surfaced in recent …

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EA Access is now called EA Play

After Electronic Arts announced that its subscription service is coming to Steam, it is also changing the name of the service. EA Access for PlayStation 4, Steam and Xbox One, as well as Origin Access for PC, will be known as EA Play starting Tuesday, August 18. OK. Why? “EA Play puts you at the center of the experience,” the …

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