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CEO Yves Guillemot apologizes for toxic employees in front of Ubisoft Forward

Just hours before another Ubisoft Forward livestream started today, the publisher posted a video on Twitter with CEO Yves Guillemot apologizing for Ubisoft’s story of toxic employees and workplace issues that came to light this year.

“This summer we learned that certain Ubisoft employees had failed to protect our company’s values ​​and that our systems failed to protect the victims of their behavior,” says Guillemot in the video. “I’m really sorry for everyone who was hurt.”

You can see the full apology below.

Posting that apology is now a tactical one. Later today, Ubisoft will be showcasing upcoming games during its Ubisoft forward stream. During the last Ubisoft Forward in July, critics urged Ubisoft not to address the company’s abuse. This time around, Ubisoft doesn’t want that shadow hanging over their show, but Ubisoft doesn’t want to start their high-energy video game event with a somber apology either. For this reason, this statement will be published on Twitter before the event.

In a separate Twitter post, Ubisoft says that the apology cannot be included as part of Ubisoft Forward due to time constraints. There are plans to include the message in the video-on-demand versions of the show.

Along with the apology, Ubisoft pledges to add an additional $ 1 million to its graduate program, which, according to a news item on the company’s website, will focus on “creating more opportunities for individuals from underrepresented groups.” A new edition of Womxn Develop at Ubisoft Mentoring is also being released, a program that “aims to attract and develop a variety of new talent for our studios around the world.”

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