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Charge your phone wirelessly on an elegant stone slab, which is 35% cheaper

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The Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone is not an ordinary Qi-compatible wireless charger. It is made of real marble and looks really stunning. In fact, it is a shame that an everyday USB cable inevitably snakes out from below, because otherwise it is a work of art. The stones are sold for $ 70, but right now you can get one for a 35% discount. Apply the CNET exclusive discount code cnet stone voucher to get at the cash register Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone for $ 45.

The charger itself is a quickly rechargeable Qi-Pad that delivers up to 1

0 watts, i.e. fast-charging phones like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S20 can fill up quickly. But that is not particularly noteworthy. The real attraction here is the finish of these charging stones. You have a choice of five styles: marble black, marble white, travertine, lava and sandstone. They are all made of real stone and look beautiful.

However, be careful when you get to the checkout page. Maybe I need a new pair of glasses, but it took me a while to find the discount code link – look for “Have a coupon? Click to enter your code” above the invoice details on the left. Do not proceed with PayPal. Until then, you missed it.

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