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Charli D’Amelio joins Triller, TikTok’s competitor app

Major TikTok developers include Triller, including Charli and Dixie D’Amelio.

Charli D’Amelio, who rules TikTok as the most visited person in the app, joined Triller on Tuesday and has already garnered more than 927,000 followers. Her first three videos all feature Dixie’s song “Be Happy,” which was a viral TikTok sound.

Triller, a video sharing platform similar to TikTok, has been around since 2015. Triller’s app store downloads skyrocketed after India banned TikTok on June 29 after ongoing border disputes with China.

The Trump administration has raised concerns about the security of TikTok as the app is owned and operated by the Chinese company ByteDance. Trump initially banned the app̵

7;s ban in retaliation against China for its alleged involvement in the spread of the coronavirus. Days later, Trump claimed he would allow the app to continue to be available in the US as long as it is bought by a “very American” company and the US government could make an unprecedented break.

Trump followed suit by banning TikTok and WeChat, a messaging app from Chinese company Tencent, from American app stores if they weren’t sold to American companies within 45 days. In return, TikTok filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration on August 24th, “to protect our rights and the rights of our community and our employees.”

In the meantime, Microsoft and Oracle wanted to buy TikTok. Oracle won the offer that Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. There’s a catch, however – the deal isn’t structured as a sale. Rather, Oracle will be TikTok’s “trusted technology partner” in the US and will take over TikTok’s operations in the US. The deal has yet to be approved by the White House and the Foreign Investment Committee.

Oracle is affiliated with the Trump Administration. Its leaders are “political allies of the president,” they say New York Times.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding TikTok, the most popular developers are quietly migrating to Triller. The D’Amelio family – Charli, their sister Dixie, their mother Heidi and their father Marc – made their debut this week.

“We couldn’t be more proud to welcome the D’Amelio family to the Triller family with open arms,” ​​Triller’s CEO Bobby Sarnevesht said in a statement to Verge. “You are an incredibly diverse and talented family that has already been invaluable to us.”

Triller reports that it has 65 million monthly users and that Trump has seen a surge in downloads due to Trump’s threat to ban TikTok. It also threatened to sue reports questioning whether the self-reported numbers are inflated.

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