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Check out the new Scorpion Chair from Cluvens that bends and snaps

Scorpion chair. It’s all I could think of in the past 48 hours, so much so that now I think I might have to give in and … buy one? I don’t need a scorpion chair … unless … but no, I don’t … but maybe …

The Cluvens Scorpion Computer Cockpit is the newest hot product from Cluvens and costs just under $ 4,530. The future is here and it’s hotter than we imagined. I don’t think I would ever leave this chair if I had one. The only problem is getting your hands on all of that free money.

The damn thing’s videos are even wilder, showing the chair flexing and snapping at will. It works, retracts, lights up and does it all again for your human entertainment. While it reminds me of that one scary transformer, am I sure nothing more will happen in the way of a robot takeover soon, or in 2020?

Twitter is understandably freaked out and obsessed with the glory that is our Lord and Savior, the Scorpio Chair.

One user even reminded us that this is not the craziest gaming chair out there and revealed the pictures of the tank chair that is even crazier. Somebody’s bringing me a primegaming tank for my birthday, please and thanks.

According to the website, where you can buy the official Scorpion Computer Cockpit, “the products come in a wooden box weighing a total of 140kg and placed on the curb at the end of the driveway,” which sounds so special for a game chair, I love it is easy.

Apparently, the beast is made of “high carbon steel with powder-coated paint with black sand texture” and provides “support for 21-29” triple screens with international VESA standards.

They also emphasize that the cockpit is a rather dangerous tool and write: “To avoid accidents or injuries and damage to family property, make sure that nobody (except the person helping, the pet or the objects) is out of their way during the initial installation. the cockpit is in the cockpit; while moving the cockpit or adjusting the cockpit to the desired positions. “

If you need me, I’ll check emails and play online solitaire in my expensive new Scorpio.

Image: Cluvens

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