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Chevy's electric hot rod truck mimics the sound of a V8

The truck has a sound emulator with three loudspeakers, which mimics the two rows of a V8 engine at the rear and the induction at the front. It automatically adapts to the gear changes and can even emulate various engines that include a generic V8 and two versions of the LS7 Z28 (tuned to touring and distance). You can also choose a "futuristic" sound or a simple silence if you are satisfied with electrical energy.

This is not a completely new design. Chevy borrowed both the power electronics and two batteries from the Bolt EV. Of course, this has saved the automakers' development time, but the independent arrangement of the batteries promises more power as well as greater range. The company will not say how much this range is, but you can assume that you have enough range to get home after showing off your ride at the local meeting making a production E-1

0. What you see here was ready in less than five months. However, this illustrates the potential future for both electric box engine technicians and hot rod trucks. And this early experimentation might be necessary. With numerous governments in the US and abroad expecting to ban the sale of fossil fuel cars over the next two decades, it may become increasingly difficult to procure gas engines for hot rods.

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