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What a whirlwind one Monday morning. Shortly after it became known that Microsoft was unaware of its bid for TikTok’s US operations and rumors circulated that Oracle was the winner, Chinese state broadcaster CGTN reported that ByteDance was citing TikTok’s US operations on sources not going to sell to Microsoft or Oracle.

ByteDance, the world’s most valuable startup, credited with a landmark recommendation for algorithmic content, will not give its source code to any US buyer, sources told CGTN. A source previously told the South China Morning Post that the tech upstart had decided not to sell or broadcast the source code behind its popular video app.

ByteDance said it would not comment on market rumors.

Beijing allegedly wasn̵

7;t represented in ByteDance’s negotiations with Washington in the early days, but that seems to have changed as the deal deadline drew nearer. First, the Chinese government has revised its export rules that could block the transfer or sale of ByteDance’s artificial intelligence technologies, and now there’s the state report refuting rumors that Oracle closed the deal.

This is an updated story.

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