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Chris Chiball's new doctor researching regeneration

  The thirteenth doctor orientates himself.

The thirteenth doctor orientates herself.
Image : BBC

The circumstances surrounding the regeneration of the thirteenth doctor were particularly significant because while, like most doctors before her, she was able to regenerate well, she became Moments later, it hurled from its ship above the earth and fell to the surface of the planet when its TARDIS exploded and dematerialized – "dematerial explosion" – in front of its eyes. This was not an ideal situation.

Doctor Who Showrunner Chris Chibnall published " Things She Thought About When Falling", a new short story on the BBC website. But he preceded a note from Whovians:

Hello! We are currently experiencing some strange times.

With people staying at home and keeping families together, I thought maybe a few small gifts from Doctor Who could help. Reading something together or alone. New treats from the people who make Doctor Who.

We will try to post things here once or twice a week. Later this week, we'll have a never-before-seen Russell T. Davies treat.

To begin with, I wrote a few words about what went through the head of the thirteenth doctor immediately after her regeneration was thrown out of her TARDIS.

Stay safe.

Chris x

In the story itself, Chibnall reveals a whole lot more about what the doctor was thinking when her body fell to earth in the premiere of Series 11. and to be honest, her thoughts were pretty charming, suggesting the new type of person she was getting active on (while possibly falling to death).

Although falling to earth could have alarmed a garden diversity man. For the doctor, the experience was a time for some important considerations about their new form and some quick considerations as to how the fact that their regeneration was not yet fully completed , can best use.

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Since a complete collision with the ground from this height could surely kill a Time Lord ( see: The death of the fourth doctor ), the thirteenth was not particularly interested, which resulted in her developing a fairly novel method of using her predicament to ensure that she would most likely make it if she were in cracked the floor. In addition, " things she thought of when falling" also gave a voice to the doctor's many parallel lines of thought, as they are still getting used to being part of their new female identity. [19659008] The whole thing is a fascinating, short reading and fits perfectly with some of the first moments of series 11 – and you should probably have a look at .

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