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Chris Hemsworth has made the fullest content with a Quokka

This is One Good Thing a weekly column in which we tell you about one of the few beautiful things that has happened this week.

What's nicer than Chris Hemsworth? Chris Hemsworth, of course, with a quokka.

Hemsworth's middle brother re-blessed our food. The 35-year-old actor posed on Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth, Australia, with a cute raccoon-like animal. "I got my first Quokka selfie at @rottnestislandwa this week," he wrote in the caption. The star Thor was accompanied on vacation by his wife Elsay Pataky, who appeared in one of the shots.

Ok, but what's even a Quokka? The constantly smiling marsupials are native to the Australian west coast. Like kangaroos, they hop with their friends and make them a super sociable animal. While they are perfect for insta-worthy photo surgeries, it's best to stay a little distance to avoid a bite. Or a ticket. It is actually illegal to touch the endangered species.

But Hemsworth is not just a tourist. He spent almost a month with the indigenous animals ̵

1; "crawling through the muck, studying the Quokkas movements, imitating their language, and finally gaining their trust and being accepted as one of them," he wrote under a video in which he wrote one the fur lining fed friends out of his mouth, Lady and the Tramp style. "I am now going by the name Quokkachris."

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