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Chrome OS may soon be able to mirror Android notifications

Google may develop Apple-like continuity features for Chrome OS and Android. In recent experimental updates, 9to5Google found instances of a new tool that users could use to continue and continue their Android phone activity on a Chromebook.

Internally known as the Android Phone Hub, it provides a user interface that allows users to view information about their Android phone and perform phone actions in Chrome OS. Based on further evidence prior to release, Android Phone Hub can mirror notifications from Android phones and may also allow users to respond to them directly from a Chromebook.

Because it appears to be a full-fledged user instance, Android Phone Hub could work similarly to Microsoft̵

7;s Your Phone app, through which users access their Android phones and actions like doing things from a central hub on their Windows PC Calling and controlling music can perform playback.

However, the “Phone Hub Task Continuation” attribute is more interesting. This suggests that Android owners with Android Phone Hub may be able to resume what they did on their phones on Chromebooks.

Apple has long offered extensive integration between Macs and iPhones called handoffs, allowing users to continue where they left off with apps like Pages, Safari, Mail, and more. For example, you can start typing an email on your phone and a notification will appear on your Mac to continue in the desktop mail app. Instead, you have to go through several menus to start the design.

However, Android Phone Hub is unlikely to be so advanced at least at an early stage. Chrome OS already has a handful of features to connect to an Android phone. Right now, you can reply to text messages, access your phone’s mobile data, unlock it with your phone’s fingerprint sensor, and more on your Chromebook.

Google is also in the process of developing an AirDrop-like alternative for Android and Chrome OS. The Android Phone Hub could therefore be part of a major update and initiative. It is unclear when all of this will be released publicly. While users can now try Google’s AirDrop counterpart “Nearby Sharing”, the Android Phone Hub is not yet available even in the experimental Chrome OS builds.

We have asked Google for confirmation and will update the story as soon as we hear anything.

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