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Chrome Tablets Get a new Android feature you'll love

An update for Chrome OS brings a big change in navigation in tablet mode. Now users with a Chrome OS tablet or device that can be converted to one can bypass the operating system with Android-like gestures.

The latest version of Chrome OS introduces a swipe gesture that lets you run Home (or to your apps), swipe and hold to show an app switcher, and swipe left or right to a screen fast forward or rewind. There's also a mini swipe-up from below that shows you a quick shelf of apps. Again, this is almost identical to Android's new gestures outside of right-wipe that move a screen forward on Chrome OS.

In addition to the new gestures, this new version of Chrome OS adds a more touch-friendly tab to the Chrome browser. The image below shows the tab layout that appears at the top of Chrome, which you can rearrange by touching and dragging, or removed by swiping up.

This new Chrome experience will first see the Lenovo Chromebook Duet in a few weeks. Google then plans to bring it to other Chromebooks with tablet mode "soon".

For the new gestures, this update now arrives on Chrome OS. In fact, my Pixel Slate already has it.

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