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Circadian City is a surrealistic life sim where dreams come true

Indie life simulators have become more and more popular over the past few years with big hits as it is Stardew Valley, My time in Portia, cemetery guard and Ooblets Reaching a large mainstream audience. Cutting through the noise of the genre can be difficult, however Circadian city is a life simulation that is sure to attract attention. While its pixel art style and everyday adventures of friendship and exploration are nothing new, the title’s true magic comes through at night in surrealistic dreams where anything is possible.

During the day cycle of Circadian city, You will do your usual daily chores: meet new people, make friends, cook, and complete quests. Aside from the vibrant pixel art, these segments mostly resemble your typical life simulation. There are character quests, needs and cities to explore. You need to regulate your health, develop your passions, and make money to survive. But when the sun goes down everything changes.

At night you enter a dream landscape in which all your actions have consequences. Here you can grow to your heart̵

7;s content, make potions to change your personality, or simply explore the delights of the game’s surreal landscapes. From giant calm animals to a checkerboard bridge outside the city and dead fish soaring in the sky, many strange and inspiring sights await Circadian Dreams. Here you can escape your everyday life into a world of magic.

During the day of Circadian city is full of tasks, the dream world has no such obligations. In these dreams, you can become a master, miner, builder and friend of all the strange creatures that you meet in your dreams. It’s the perfect escape from everyday life. For everyone who has ever looked out the window on a bleak day and hoped for something more, the world of Circadian city is for you. It’ll be a fascinating, surreal adventure if it arrives early this September.

The latest trailer for the game can be found here:

Circadian city Full release is planned for the third quarter of 2021 on a Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. However, early access will start on September 25th. A demo will also be available on Steam in PAX Online.

For the latest news and updates on the game, please visit the Twitter channel or Discord.

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