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Civilization 6 is getting Byzantium and Gaul in its Frontier Pass next week

Firaxis Games announced that there will be more content coming to Civilization 6 next week. The strategy game’s third DLC pack focuses on Byzantium and Gaul and can be downloaded on Steam on September 24 as part of the New Frontier Pass. However, you can purchase it individually if you wish.

The Byzantium and Gauls pack includes two new leaders and civilizations – no guess who they are prizes – plus two new wonders of the world and a new map script called The Highlands. The new DLC also includes a new optional game mode called Dramatic Ages, which moves civilizations into the Golden or Dark Age and comes with more powerful bonuses and penalties.

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7;ll find new social guidelines like golden guidelines and updated dark guidelines that offer more flexibility and performance. Cool. The dark ages also look more dangerous than ever, as part of your empire instantly falls into free cities that are under pressure from other free cities. Remember, however, that you will need the Rise and Fall or Gathering Storm expansion to play the new game mode.

The new Civ 6 DLC is available to you if you own the Civ 6 New Frontier Pass. If not, it can be purchased as a standalone pass for £ 7.39 / $ 8.99. If you want to learn more, you can watch the Developer Update video below:

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