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Clash of Clans gets an official story expansion with Lost & Crowned Short

Supercell, the company behind mega-hit mobile games clash of clans and Clash Royalehas released an official short video that expands the game’s universe. Called Lost & crownedThe video is quite long at 12 minutes and is possibly the first in a growing body of content in the fictional universe. The video follows shortly ‘Fanfiction’ Clash-a-rama.

In contrast to the Clash-A-Rama series, a 2D animation not from Supercell, the new one Lost & crowned is an official production with smooth 3D graphics. The video is humorous and shows the different characters from the game in different structures.

We see skeletal guards barely getting to work on time and then sneaking into the treasury, one stealing the king’s crown and the other trying to get it back. This triggers a chain of unfortunate but amusing problems, triggers security measures, sets the palace on fire, and much more.

The short has the glitz and feel of something you’d expect from Pixar or Dreamworks, and excites players with the potential for an expanded universe of content. Although the short film only recently premiered on September 11th, it already has nearly 28 million videos, including considerable praise from players asking for additional videos.

Supercell currently has no major announcements to make regarding expanded universe content, it said The edgeBut it’s not hard to see the company releasing more shorts in the future – or maybe a full-length animated film, given how popular the two games are.

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