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ClimateView raises $ 2.5 million for its toolkit to visualize climate change plans – TechCrunch

ClimateView, a Swedish software development company working on monitoring and visualization tools for greenhouse gas emissions, said it raised $ 2.5 million in its last round of funding.

While the United States is experiencing the material and economic strain of the COVID-19 epidemic, the problems that society is facing from long-term global climate change have not disappeared.

Against this background, investors such as the Norrsken Foundation, have an impact investment company Adalberth founded by Klarna co-founder Niklas; and Nordic Makers, an angel consortium made up of founders from Zendesk, Sitecore and Unity Technologies, decided to invest in ClimateView. Nordic Makers, Max Ventures and GGV Capital also participated in the financing, the company said.

With ClimateView software, cities around the world have a window on their climate data ̵

1; including emissions and other sustainability and resilience information – so they can plan how best to deal with decarbonization efforts and climate change plans.

So far, around 1,348 municipalities, towns and villages in 26 countries have declared a climate emergency, but there is no real effort to understand a system perspective on what steps must be taken to mitigate the worst effects of the changing global climate the company said.

"It is an exciting time for ClimateView as we work to reinvent the way society deals with the climate challenge," said founder and CEO Tomer Shalit, in a statement. "Our solution-oriented approach to climate action is already gaining importance in a number of cities around the world and we hope that with this investment we can continue to lay the foundations for decision-making so that cities and nations of the world can work together to find a common path tread global CO2 neutrality. "

In the past, environmental policy and planning was limited by a lengthy, planning-intensive decision-making process that was inaccessible to the latest data visualization tools and projections. Make decisions based on current developments," the company said.

ClimateView software provides a central hub for all development, emissions and projected city planning data to accelerate the planning process.

The company's most important project was working with The Swedish Climate Policy Council, which used the ClimateView software and service suite to publish a publicly available digital roadmap using company P anorama software.

"Norrsken invests in startups that improve the world, so ClimateView is an ideal fit for us," said Tove Larssen, General Partner of Norrsken. "We are really fascinated by their ambition to provide a global platform that will help tackle climate change faster and more efficiently, and we look forward to being on board to help them achieve this goal."

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